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Driver Training

Driver Training From The Academy;
Category C, C1, D, D1, LGV, PCV, CPC, and CDL

The Academy is the largest provider of driver training courses in Northern Ireland. We help drivers obtain their desired licence category, with expert guidance every step of the way.

We provide unparalleled support as you undertake lessons, prepare for theoretical exams and navigate through practical assessments. Our course instructors will ensure that you receive the best training and instruction, helping you on your journey to becoming a skilled and responsible driver.

Whether your goal is to enhance your current driver’s licence entitlement or to carve out a career as an HGV Driver, we can help make your ambitions a reality, with industry-leading driver training programs, experienced instructors, and a supportive learning environment that is tailored to meet your individual needs.

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Driver Training Courses

The Academy offers an extensive range of driver training courses tailored to every stage of your driving journey. Our comprehensive training programs are designed to meet your unique needs, ensuring a smooth pathway to achieving your driving goals.

Our range of driver training courses include;

This licence allows individuals to drive a car (Category B) along with a trailer exceeding 750 kg. It’s ideal for those needing to tow heavy loads, like caravans or horse trailers.

A Category C1 licence permits the holder to operate medium-sized vehicles, typically between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes, with a trailer up to 750 kg. It’s a step towards driving larger vehicles and is often pursued by those in delivery and small freight careers.

Extending the C1 licence, the C1+E allows for the same medium-sized vehicles but with a trailer over 750 kg. This is beneficial for individuals needing to transport larger loads while operating medium-sized vehicles.

This licence category permits individuals to drive any bus with more than 8 passenger seats with a trailer of up to 750 kg. It’s essential for those pursuing careers as bus or coach drivers.

Category D1 licence allows the holder to operate minibuses with 9 to 16 passenger seats with a trailer of up to 750 kg. It’s suitable for small-scale passenger transport services.

Extending the D1 licence, the D1+E allows for the same minibuses but with a trailer over 750 kg, facilitating large passenger or cargo capacities.


Known as the Class 2 licence, Category C authorises individuals to drive any large goods vehicle with a trailer of up to 750 kg. It’s a common choice for those pursuing a career as an HGV/LGV Driver.


Building on the Category C licence, the C+E licence allows for the operation of large goods vehicles with a trailer over 750 kg. This is crucial for heavy haulage, logistics, and long-haul trucking careers.

Each of these licence categories provides a pathway to different driving capacities and careers, allowing individuals to tailor their driving qualifications to their needs and ambitions.

Why Choose The Academy for Driver Training Courses in Northern Ireland?

We are Northern Ireland’s largest provider of driver training courses, check out why below.

The Academy is Northern Ireland’s sole NRI (National Register of LGV Instructors) Examination Centre. This sets us apart from other training providers as our course instructors have undergone a range of challenging independent examinations, underscoring their unrivalled commitment to maintaining industry standards.

Through a blend of theoretical knowledge, practical training, and real-world scenarios, we strive to equip you with the confidence and competence required to excel on the road. Our expert instructors are dedicated to delivering a comprehensive learning experience, from mastering the basics to advancing your skills for more specialised driving roles.

Our approach not only elevates driving competence but also significantly contributes to fostering a culture of road safety and professionalism that resonates well beyond the training room.

Individuals seeking to enhance their driving acumen and access better employment opportunities will find a conducive learning environment at The Academy, tailored to develop their skills and confidence and excel within the logistics sector.


Businesses aiming to uphold high standards of road safety and professionalism among their fleet will also benefit from our bespoke training solutions. Our programs are designed to cater to a wide spectrum of needs, ensuring that every trainee receives the best driver training in NI.

The Academy can help you navigate through driver licence progression and ensure you receive the right training and support at every step. Our goal is to empower you to achieve your driving aspirations, whether that entails personal enrichment or carving out a rewarding career in the transportation industry.

What Driver Training Courses Look Like?

Our Driver Training Courses will cover a wide range of subjects, including emergency response techniques, hazard perception techniques, traffic laws and regulations, safe driving techniques, and more.

We can also deliver the training in a variety of formats, including in-person sessions, driver training simulations or via online courses (when applicable). Our goal is to provide flexible driver training courses that work for you.

How Long Does Driver Training Courses Last?

This answer really depends on the licence category that you are applying for. A short B+E driving training course for example may last 1-2 days, whereas the process for applying for a Category C licence could take weeks, when you include the process of getting a medical.

For the most accurate answer, we recommend getting in contact with us.

Driver Training CPC

All professional drivers are required to possess the Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) in order to drive for pay or reward. All professional bus, coach, and lorry drivers in the UK are legally required to have CPC certification.

CPC Driver Training: What Is It?

Achieving CPC certification requires specialised, in-depth driver training. Participants will be trained in the following topics, including traffic laws, hazard perception, defensive driving methods, regular vehicle maintenance, safety inspections, and emergency response techniques.

The Academy will ensure that drivers are best prepared with the relevant knowledge and skills in order to pass both theoretical and practical exams for CPC certification.

Driver Training HGV/LGV

In order to operate a Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) or become a bus or coach driver in the U.K., you must obtain a minimum Category C licence. Before this can be obtained, you must have already gained CPC accreditation.

HGV drivers are responsible for transporting goods over long distances; they must be able to operate the vehicle safely, handle a variety of weather conditions and feel comfortable on frequently congested highways.

Driving an HGV can be challenging, it requires specific abilities and specialised knowledge to know how to operate it. The Academy can provide driver training for obtaining a Category C licence.

We cover a variety of topics that are needed to operate heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) safely and responsibly, including; safe loading techniques, vehicle handling, defensive driving strategies, and emergency response protocols.

A commercial driving licence (CDL) is necessary for employees who operate a heavy goods vehicle (HGV). It requires passing both theoretical and practical exams.

The CDL procedure also entails specialised instruction that focuses on the particular difficulties involved in driving large vehicles. The Academy can provide expert training and support for employees who need to obtain this type of licence.

What Is the Difference Between HGV and CPC Driver Training?

HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) and CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) Driver Training are distinct yet interconnected training programs aimed at equipping individuals with the necessary skills and certifications to operate commercial vehicles professionally. Here’s a breakdown of their differences and how they interrelate:

This training is focused on imparting the skills and knowledge necessary to safely operate heavy goods vehicles such as trucks and lorries. It covers vehicle handling, driving skills, and basic mechanical knowledge.

CPC training aims to enhance professional competence and safe driving practices among commercial vehicle drivers. It covers a broader spectrum of topics including legal compliance, fuel-efficient driving, and road safety.

Driver Training Courses with The Academy

At The Academy, we strive to set the standard of driver training courses in Northern Ireland. We work with both individuals and businesses to deliver industry-leading training programs tailored to meet a diverse range of driving needs. Our seasoned instructors, coupled with a well-structured curriculum, ensure a comprehensive learning experience that produces results.

Whether you are an individual embarking on a new driving career or a business aiming to refine the skills of your driving team, The Academy is your trusted partner in achieving your driving aspirations and contributing to a proficient driving community in Northern Ireland.

Contact us to arrange driver training for your employees across Belfast, Newtownabbey and Northern Ireland.

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