Food Safety Essentials

Food Safety Essentials

Food Safety Essentials (Level 1) With The Academy

As the largest training provider in Northern Ireland, The Academy offers unparalleled expertise and resources to trainees in the critical area of food safety essentials. We understand that proper food handling is a combination of knowledge, skills, and attitudes, and our comprehensive programme effectively addresses all of these components.

Why Choose The Academy for Food Safety Training?

The Academy employs a team of knowledgeable instructors, who boast extensive experience within the food industry and are dedicated to providing an engaging learning environment that inspires a commitment to best practices in food safety.

The Academy’s reputation as a leader in training solutions, coupled with our commitment to promoting food safety standards, makes us the ideal choice for individuals and businesses seeking to elevate their knowledge and practice in this essential area.

Who is the Food Safety Essentials course for?

The Food Safety Essentials course is aimed at employees who will come into contact with food during their role.

This is a foundational awareness course that has been designed specifically for employees working within a food business, but not directly handling high-risk foods. It serves as an excellent introductory training module, making it particularly well-suited for the onboarding process of new employees.

Employees also have a legal obligation and moral duty to provide safe food. The law requires employers to ensure that food handlers are trained to a suitable level that is commensurate with their job role. This Food Safety Essentials course ensures that employees can uphold this standard of food hygiene.

Food Safety Essentials Training Course

The Food Safety Essentials course serves as an introductory level to basic food hygiene and best practice within the workplace. Throughout the training, you will develop an understanding of the following:
  • The concept of food safety in business
  • Contaminants 
  • Personal hygiene
  • Food handlers fitness to work
  • Cleaning
  • Pest control
Our training course ensures that employees are able to uphold the standards set by the Foods Standard Agency (FSA) limiting the risk of contamination and illness and protecting your business from potential liability. 

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be awarded a certificate in Food Safety Essentials.

How is the training delivered?

We are delighted to present our own bespoke training content for the Food Safety Essentials course. It is readily accessible via our eLearning platform and ensures a thorough understanding of the course material.

We also aim to provide flexible training solutions that can meet individual needs and preferences. There are four ways that this course can be delivered, including; 
  • Face-to-face
  • Live virtual classroom
  • eLearning
  • Blended Learning
In every method of learning, the objective is the same – to introduce the concept of food hygiene within a business and acknowledge the legal responsibilities that all employees have to ensure food is kept safe.

Book Food Safety Essentials Training

The Academy is able to provide this essential course for both individuals entering the food industry and for businesses seeking to train their employees in food safety standards.

If you have any queries or would like to arrange a booking, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team for support and guidance. The Academy is your ideal training partner in Northern Ireland.

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