Counterbalance Forklift Training With The Academy

The Academy has been delivering high-quality Counterbalance Forklift Training courses since 2014. We are now a leading provider of forklift training courses across Northern Ireland and we have helped thousands of students gain their forklift licence.

Our commitment to training excellence ensures that students receive the best support available. We are the ideal choice for individuals seeking comprehensive and professional instruction in forklift training.

Why choose The Academy for forklift training?

The Academy prides itself on a talented team of instructors who have extensive experience in forklift training. With us, you will receive practical learning and expert guidance, ensuring that you can master counterbalance forklift driving techniques and excel within the logistics and warehousing industry.

We also have a range of counterbalance forklifts for you to practise with, in our Mallusk training centre. This ensures that we can provide you with everything you need in order to gain a forklift licence or receive certification for a refresher course.

The Academy’s proven track record and dedication to delivering quality training make us the ideal choice for Counterbalance Forklift training in Northern Ireland.

Counterbalance Forklift Training for the Public and Private Sector

The Academy excels in providing comprehensive Counterbalance Forklift training courses for both the public and private sectors. Whether you are an individual looking to enhance your skills or a business seeking to train your workforce, The Academy has tailored programmes to meet your needs.

Public Sector

For individuals in the public sector, The Academy offers accessible training courses that allow participants to acquire the necessary skills to operate Counterbalance Forklifts safely and effectively. These courses provide a supportive and collaborative learning environment, ensuring that each individual gains the confidence and expertise needed to navigate the challenges of forklift operations.

Private Sector

The Academy also offers customised training solutions that align with the specific requirements of a business. We recognise that different industries may have unique demands, and we work closely with organisations to develop tailored training programmes that address industry-specific challenges, site-specific considerations, and operational procedures. 

This approach ensures that employees receive training that is relevant to their work environment and equips them with the skills to operate Counterbalance Forklifts efficiently, leading to increased productivity and improved safety standards.

With extensive experience, state-of-the-art facilities, and qualified trainers, The Academy is established as a trusted provider of Counterbalance Forklift training for both the public and private sectors.

Counterbalance Training Course for a Novice

This course is ideal for a candidate who has no previous experience driving a Counterbalance Forklift. You will receive a Counterbalance forklift licence upon completion, which is accredited by BRITTOP. 

  • 3 days of forklift training
  • Practical and theory testing
  • Training with Counterbalance forklifts in the Mallusk training centre. 
This course will enable you to enter the logistics and warehousing industry, creating further job prospects and enhancing your skill set. 

Price available upon request.

Counterbalance Forklift Training Refresher Course

If you have held a previous Counterbalance forklift licence, you will need to renew it every 3 years with a refresher course. Upon completion, you will receive accreditation from BRITTOP. 

  • 1/2 Day Counterbalance forklift training
  • Practical and theory testing
  • Training with Counterbalance forklifts in the Mallusk training centre. 
This course ensures that you are up-to-date with industry standards and able to safely and efficiently operate a counterbalance forklift. 

Price available upon request.

What will I learn on a Counterbalance forklift training course?

We cover a range of topics in the Counterbalance forklift training course. You can expect to receive training and guidance in the following areas:

What will I learn on a Counterbalance forklift training course?

The Academy will train participants in how to manoeuvre the forklift around the production floor or warehouse space, spacial awareness and the completion of the relevant safety checks.

Forklift operators will need to know how to appropriately manoeuvre the vehicle when managing heavy loads. They should be able to control the loading and off-loading process, ensuring that they are lifting in a safe and responsible manner.

Performing lifts

The Academy will ensure that training operators can confidently perform and execute lifts of freight.

The machine has two forks that can lift or lower a freight load, they are mounted to the centre of the chassis. The prongs can then be manually raised and lowered using hand control mechanics or automatically with an automated system. We will train participants in operating both types of equipment.

Counterbalance system

As the name suggests, this vehicle has a counterbalance system, which keeps it from toppling over when the operator loads or unloads freight.

We will ensure that training participants understand the forklift’s maximum height and weight loads and that they have a responsibility to adhere to the set guidelines whilst performing lifts and manoeuvres.

Maintenance of the forklift

The training also covers maintenance of the forklift, this allows issues to be spotted and dealt with quickly, preventing further damage to the vehicle and potential injury from occurring.

Operators should regularly perform safety and maintenance checks, ensuring that the brakes are working, fluid levels are correct, tyre treads are not worn and there are no signs of damage, e.g.) leaking fluids, broken parts, etc.

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Get in touch with us and book your place for a Counterbalance Forklift Training course. The Academy upholds a commitment to training excellence and industry standards, which has made us the leading provider of forklift training courses across Northern Ireland.

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