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LGV Training for a Category C + E Licence (Artic Lorry)

The Academy is Northern Ireland’s ultimate destination for LGV training.

As a trusted and respected training provider, we specialise in preparing individuals to secure their Category C + E Artic Lorry Licence, paving the way for a rewarding career in logistics and transportation.

Our industry-experienced trainers use a combination of in-depth theoretical teaching and extensive practical training to ensure candidates are fully equipped to handle these large vehicles safely and efficiently.

At The Academy, we don’t just teach driving, we cultivate professional LGV drivers.

Why choose The Academy for LGV training?

The Academy has built a strong reputation as an industry specialist in LGV training. Our instructors bring years of driving experience with them, ensuring you receive training that is rooted in real-world insights and professional expertise.

By choosing The Academy, you’re not just enrolling on r a course; you’re opting for a well-rounded, comprehensive, and practical learning experience that fully equips you for a successful career in LGV driving

LGV training for the public and private sector

The Academy is a renowned training provider that specialises in LGV (Large Goods Vehicle) training for both the public and private sectors. With extensive expertise and a commitment to excellence, we have established ourselves as a trusted provider of professional and comprehensive training programs.

We cater for individuals seeking to acquire or upgrade their LGV licences, as well as businesses developing the skills of their workforce, so whether you are an aspiring driver or a company looking to invest in quality training, The Academy will provide you with exceptional LGV training solutions.

What is the Category C + E licence entitlement?

The C + E licence entitlement, also known as the Class C+E licence or the HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) Class 1 licence, is a category of driving licence that allows individuals to drive articulated or combination vehicles.

The C + E licence is required for operating larger commercial vehicles, such as tractor-trailers or articulated lorries, where the trailer is greater than 750 kilograms and the combined weight of the vehicle and trailer exceeds 3,500 kilograms.

Why consider obtaining a C + E Artic Lorry licence?

As a holder of a C+E licence, you’ll be among the most in-demand and respected drivers on the road. Having this licence significantly expands your career prospects in the transportation and logistics industry and qualifies you to operate articulated or combination vehicles, which are commonly used for long-haul transportation, international shipping, and moving larger or heavier loads.

This licence opens up a broader range of job opportunities, including roles in freight companies, logistics providers, distribution centres, and international haulage firms. The demand for skilled C + E licence holders is typically high due to the specialised skills required to handle this type of vehicle. Investing in this type of licence will provide a strong return on investment for your career in logistics.

How to obtain a C + E licence?

In order to obtain a Category C + E licence, you need to hold an existing Category C licence. Passing your Category C test automatically gives you provisional C + E licence entitlement, allowing you to enrol in this LGV training course.

You don’t need to retake any theory tests or undergo any additional medicals, you only need to pass a practical driving examination to demonstrate your driving ability to a DVA examiner.

Practical driving examination for a C+ E licence

The practical driving test evaluates your ability to handle and operate an articulated or combination vehicle safely and effectively. The test is conducted by an approved examiner and typically takes place on public roads or in a controlled environment.

During the practical test, you will be assessed on various aspects, including:
Basic Vehicle Control
This involves demonstrating your competence in controlling the vehicle, including manoeuvring, reversing, and parking in different situations
On-Road Driving
You will be assessed while driving in various traffic conditions, including urban areas, rural roads, and motorways The examiner will evaluate your ability to navigate junctions, handle roundabouts, overtake other vehicles, and maintain safe distances.
Safe and Efficient Driving
You will be expected to demonstrate good observation and anticipation,. The examiner will assess your ability to respond to hazards, apply appropriate driving techniques, and maintain safe driving practices.
Coupling and Uncoupling
You may be required to demonstrate your knowledge and ability to properly couple and uncouple the trailer to the tractor unit, including correctly connecting and disconnecting the air and electrical lines.

Cost of LGV training and obtaining a C + E licence

The Academy provides an intensive and in-depth 5 days practical training course with a C + E examination concluding the course. 

The cost of this LGV training course is available on request.

Prices may vary if you wish to add on the Pass Protection Scheme. We do not recommend going through an HGV broker as this can be a costly and unnecessary option. 

Contact us for the best quote that reflects your individual needs and requirements. We aim to provide tailored solutions that are geared towards your individual success. 

Obtain your C + E licence

The Academy is one of the largest providers of LGV training in Northern Ireland and all of our courses are designed with a local focus. With us, you can expect to receive expert guidance from a fully qualified and supportive team of driving instructors – our goal is to help you succeed.

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