Food Safety

Food Safety

Managing Food Safety Training: With The Academy

The Academy provides industry-leading Food Safety training courses across Northern Ireland. We ensure that trainees recognise their role in food safety procedures and in upholding the standards set by the Food Standards Agency.

The Food Standards Agency is a regulatory body for managing food safety within the U.K. They create a set of legal requirements that U.K. businesses must adhere to, in order to protect consumers from potential germs, bacteria and food-borne illnesses.

Importance of Food Safety Training

The Food Safety Act of 1990 outlines broad hygiene standards for businesses in the UK and mandates local authority registration for all establishments that handle or prepare food.

Businesses in this sector must appoint someone with the necessary education and expertise in managing food safety. This employee will be in charge of putting mechanisms in place to guarantee that food is safe to consume.

This type of training also ensures that employees within the food sector are able to demonstrate their knowledge and skills for handling food responsibly. Contributing towards professional accreditation and career progression.

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Why Choose The Academy For Food Safety Training?

Choosing us as your training partner is a step towards ensuring the utmost quality and compliance in food handling and management practices.

Our comprehensive programs are meticulously designed to meet the rigorous standards set by food safety authorities, ensuring that individuals and businesses are well-equipped to uphold the highest levels of food safety.

Our training is imparted by seasoned professionals who bring years of knowledge and practical expertise to the table, ensuring an enriching and real-world relevant learning experience. This hands-on approach fosters a deeper understanding and a pragmatic application of food safety principles in day-to-day operations.

Whether you are an individual aspiring to excel in the food industry or a business keen on fostering a culture of food safety excellence, The Academy is your reliable partner in achieving these goals.

What Does Food Safety Training Look Like?

The Food Safety training covers a range of topics including; safe storage procedures, controlling temperature, regulating moisture levels and maintaining clean surfaces. Check out a brief overview of what to expect below. 
  1. Have well-defined procedures for food storage, preparation, and cooking.
  2. Ensuring all employees are educated on food safety practices.
  3. Establishing a specific location for accepting deliveries from suppliers.
  4. Using different cutting boards for raw meats, cooked meats and vegetables. 
  5. Adhering to a cleaning routine that calls for sterilising all kitchenware and cutlery that is used in food preparation.
  6. Disposing of unused food and materials in a safe and responsible manner.
  7. Checking the temperatures of your refrigerators and deep freezers on a regular basis.
The Academy will provide comprehensive training in these principles ensuring that training participants know how to eliminate potential risks and keep their consumers safe.

Management Food Safety Certification

The Academy provides quality training for those seeking to obtain a management food safety certification. This type of training is extremely important for protecting consumers, ensuring customer satisfaction and shielding the company from potential legal problems.

Get in contact with us to hear more about Managing Food Safety courses in Northern Ireland.

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