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Health & Safety

Health and Safety Training With The Academy

The Academy provides industry-leading Health and Safety training across Northern Ireland. We offer a range of courses that are designed to foster a culture of safety and compliance within the workplace.

As one of the largest training providers in NI, we aim to instil a proactive safety mindset among our trainees. Through a blend of engaging theoretical sessions and hands-on practical exercises, we ensure that every participant is well-versed in identifying potential hazards, implementing preventive measures, and responding effectively to emergency situations.

The Importance of Health and Safety Training

Legal regulations are enforced by the Health and Safety Executive within Northern Ireland, they protect both workers and customers from potential risks and hazards. Employers have a duty to ensure that their staff receive comprehensive Health and safety training, while employees have a responsibility to uphold what they have learnt.

The importance of Health and Safety training is not to be underestimated. It plays a pivotal role in fostering a culture of safety and vigilance within the workplace, mitigating a plethora of risks that could otherwise lead to accidents, injuries, or even fatalities.

Through comprehensive training, individuals become adept at identifying, assessing, and managing potential hazards, creating a safer and more secure environment for both workers and customers.

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Why Choose The Academy For Health and Safety Training?

Our comprehensive Health and Safety training program empowers employees with the knowledge and skills needed to adhere to best practices. We instil a sense of responsibility and encourage a safety mindset that works towards maintaining a safe workspace.

At the core of our robust training programs are our expert instructors, whose profound knowledge and practical experience are indispensable in delivering a rich learning experience. They are not only well-versed in the theoretical aspects of the courses but also have a wealth of real-world experience that adds a pragmatic dimension to the training.

Our instructors have the acumen to tailor the training content to the unique needs and challenges of the participants, ensuring a more engaging and effective learning journey. They foster a conducive learning environment, helping participants grasp complex concepts, acquire new skills, and gain the confidence needed to apply these learnings in real-world scenarios. When you choose us as your Health and Safety training provider, you choose a partner that is committed to upholding a gold standard of safety. This proactive safety mindset is a cornerstone in fostering responsible workplace practices and avoiding potential workplace injuries.

What Does Health and Safety Training Look Like?

We will cover a range of Health and Safety issues. Our course instructors will typically tailor the training in relation to the specific workplace sector, but in general, you can expect to receive training in:

Employees should remain vigilant of potential hazards that may cause slips and trips within the workplace. These hazards might include liquid spills, fallen obstacles or anything that blocks the path and presents itself as a potential tripping hazard.

Employees should know how to protect themselves when lifting heavy equipment. They will be taught how to lift with their legs, whilst keeping their back straight in order to avoid potential back strain and injury.

Regardless of the nature of work, employees should be taught how to recognise the signs of fatigue and stress within themselves. Stress and fatigue present a huge health and safety risk as it could cause employees to make mistakes within their role or cause them mental and physical anguish.

If a work environment requires employees to come into contact with harmful gases or chemicals, they should be given comprehensive training to protect themselves, this includes the use of PPE (personal protective equipment) such as gloves, goggles, aprons, etc.

Employees who may come into contact with electricity or water need to be aware of the potential issues that may arise. They should receive proper training for protecting themselves, their colleagues and possibly customers.


All employees, regardless of their nature of work, should understand where the emergency exits are located and what they should do in the case of an emergency that requires evacuation.

We also offer online Health and Safety training in order to provide businesses with greater flexibility in how they deliver their training to employees. This allows for larger cohorts of trainees and can be a great asset for your onboarding process.


Health and Safety Courses

The Academy provides expert Health and Safety courses. We consistently deliver up-to-date information and help businesses and individuals adhere to Health and Safety regulations. Contact us to find out more about our training solutions, from the leading provider in NI.

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