B+E Car and Trailer

B+E Car and Trailer

Driver Training for a B+E Licence (Car and Trailer)

The Academy provides comprehensive driver training solutions in order to obtain a B+E licence (Car and Trailer). We are a leading provider of driver training courses across Northern Ireland and we have helped many drivers obtain their B+E licence. 

The driver training course will outline what is involved and the standards expected on the B+E driving test. We help prepare you with the relevant knowledge and skills that are required for passing the examination and obtaining a B+E licence.

Why Choose The Academy for Obtaining a B+E Licence?

The Academy is one of the largest providers of driver training solutions in Northern Ireland. With us, you can expect to receive expert guidance from a team of fully qualified and knowledgeable driving instructors, helping you to pass the driver examination and obtain a B+E licence. 

Driver training courses are also tailored to meet your individual driving ability and experience, ensuring that it works for you! Get in touch with us at The Academy to enquire about driver training solutions, from a reputable, well-known training partner that you can trust.

Who needs a B+E licence?

A B+E licence is useful for anyone seeking to operate a car with a trailer attached, it is applicable for both personal and professional use. A B+E licence can also help you gain new employment opportunities within the transportation and logistics industry, furthering your career as a skilled driver.

What is the B+E licence entitlement?

With a B+E License, drivers can operate a vehicle with a trailer attached. The towing trailer must not weigh heavier than 3,500kg, and the shared maximum combined weight of the car and trailer must not exceed 7 tonnes.

How to obtain a B+E licence?

In order to obtain a B+E Licence within Northern Ireland, you must already hold a Category B driving licence. You do not need to apply for a provisional B+E licence, as this is normally automatically added to your Category B licence. 

To obtain the B+E licence, you must pass a practical driving test and demonstrate your ability to drive a car with a trailer attached. The test usually lasts around one hour and a DVA examiner will assess you on the following: 
  • Driving on the road, including Dual Carriageways, Motorways, and Country Lanes 
  • A controlled stop
  • Trailer reversing
  • Uncoupling and recoupling of the trailer 
  • Performing trailer safety checks (show me, tell me questions)
At The Academy, we provide industry-leading driver training to help prepare you for the driver examination. We ensure that participants feel confident in their ability to operate a car with an attached trailer and demonstrate their driving ability and knowledge to the examiner.

How long does the B+E driver training course last?

The amount of driver training you need may depend on your individual needs and level of confidence as the course progresses. We recommend at least one full day of training in order to prepare you for passing the examination and obtaining a B+E licence.
B+E Licence: Driver training
First Aid Training Courses

On-Road Driver Training

As part of our training, we will bring your driving ability back up to Driving Test Standard. Our experienced instructors will help you overcome any bad driving habits you may have picked up, ensuring that you can safely operate the vehicle with an attached trailer.

The on-road driver training will cover; trailer handling, observations, road positioning, planning and awareness, signalling, use of controls, mirrors and speed.

Off-Road Driver Training

The Academy provides a private off-road facility where you can practise manoeuvring a car and attached trailer. One of our experienced instructors will guide you in mastering challenging manoeuvres and improving your driving confidence.

The off-road training aspect will ensure that participants feel competent in performing trailer reversing, with accuracy, control and all-round observation. We will also show you how to complete the uncoupling and recoupling of the attached trailer, in a safe and controlled manner.

Show Me, Tell Me

Part of the assessment for obtaining a B+E licence will require you to perform trailer safety checks. The examiner will assess your ability in this area by asking you 5 “Show Me, Tell Me” questions. 

There are a total of 15 questions that you need to be prepared for and as part of our driver training, we will ensure that you know how to demonstrate your knowledge by answering all of these questions.

Obtain your B+E Licence

The Academy provides industry-leading driver training courses for those seeking to obtain a B+E licence. We will tailor each of our driving courses to meet your individual preferences and needs, focusing on the areas that you may need more assistance with.

Get in touch with the largest provider of driver training in Northern Ireland to upskill your current driving ability and gain your B+E licence.

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