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PCV Training for a D1 Licence (Minibus or Caravan)

The Academy is Northern Ireland’s leading provider of driver training solutions. We specialise in LGV and PCV training, supporting candidates with practical knowledge and from a team of fully-qualified driving instructors.

Our PCV training courses are fully comprehensive, ensuring that you understand the application process and the driving standard that is required to successfully complete the examinations and modules. We ensure that candidates receive unparalleled advice, guidance and support in order to obtain a D1 licence and excel in PCV driving.

Why Choose The Academy for PCV Training?

The Academy has provided successful PCV training to hundreds of candidates that have passed through our doors. Our team of expert driving instructors ensure that you feel confident in your driving ability and are able to safely operate a PCV vehicle.

We are well-equipped to assist you in every stage of obtaining your PCV licence, from the initial application for a provisional licence, to the thorough training and support needed to pass the subsequent modules – we provide unrivalled PCV training solutions across Northern Ireland.

PCV training for the public and private sector

As Northern Ireland’s leading provider of driver training solutions, we have developed comprehensive PCV training solutions that will meet the needs of both the public and private sectors.

So whether you’re interested in upskilling your entire workforce, or simply wanting to advance your individual driving ability for better job prospects, we can help you find the right solution. We are dedicated to supporting professional growth within the logistics and transportation sector.

What is the D1 licence entitlement?

A D1 Licence allows holders to drive a minibus or caravan that is a maximum of 8 metres in length and contains no more than 16 passenger seats. With this licence, you can also tow a trailer up to 750kg in weight.

Why consider obtaining a D1 licence?

A D1 licence allows you to operate small passenger-carrying vehicles such as a minibus or caravan. This type of licence is applicable for personal use, and with a CPC card, holders can also operate a PCV vehicle for professional use. It’s a great place to start for those seeking to enter the industry of PCV driving.

How to obtain a D1 Licence?

You must be over the age of 18 and hold a standard driving licence before you can begin the process of applying for a D1 licence. If you meet these requirements, you can apply for a provisional D1 licence and start working your way through the modules.

Apply for a provisional D1 licence

Before you can begin practising in a PCV vehicle, you need to first obtain a provisional D1 licence. Follow the guidance below for this process.

Attend a Medical (GP completes DLM1 form)

You need to first attend a Medical with a GP to ensure that you are fit to operate a D1 category vehicle. You can choose to do this with your own GP, or alternatively, The Academy can provide a Medical referral for you, at a small additional cost.

Complete a DL2 form

You also need to complete a DL2 form and submit your provisional licence application to the DVA Coleraine;
  • Driver Licensing, DVA
  • County Hall, Castlerock Road, Waterside, 
  • Coleraine, BT51 3TB 
In this application, you should also include the fee, both parts of your current licence and the DLM1 form that has been completed by a registered GP. Without a D1 provisional licence, you will be unable to complete the modules or practice driving in a D1 category vehicle.

CPC Card

If you plan on driving a minibus or caravan with your D1 licence professionally, you will need to obtain a CPC card, which is also known as DQC (Drivers Qualification Card). You will automatically receive this card upon the completion of the modules listed below.

Module 1 (Theory Test and Hazard Perception Test)

There are two tests in Module 1, a theory test and a hazard perception test, you need to successfully complete both in order to pass this module.

As part of the PCV training, The Academy has created an online learning platform to help prepare you for Module 1. You can practise the style of these questions and test your knowledge before sitting these tests.
Theory Test (Module 1a)
You will answer 100 multiple-choice questions within 1 hour and 45 minutes. You need to score at least 85% in order to pass.
Hazard Perception Test (Module 1b)
You will be shown 20 different video clips and you need to identify road and traffic hazards as they appear. You need to score at least 67% in order to pass.

If you happen to fail one test, you can repeat that part, without having to retake the test you already passed.

Module 2 (CPC Case Study Test)

Module 2 requires you to answer 6-8 questions on different case studies, within 1 hour and 30 minutes. These case studies will be based on real-life scenarios that you may encounter when driving a D1-category vehicle.

Module 3 (Practical Driving Test)

Module 3 mandates the completion of a Practical Driving Test under the supervision of a DVA Examiner. You may be assessed on the following aspects of driving a D1 vehicle including, reversing manoeuvres, lane discipline, maintaining progress and uphill and downhill starts.

This evaluation lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, during which you’re expected to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of driving a D1 category vehicle and uphold safety standards throughout your journey.

The instructors at The Academy will ensure that you feel confident in your ability to pass Module 3. During the driver PCV training, we can focus on the areas you may be having difficulty with and nail them before your practical driving test commences.

Module 4 (CPC Practical Demonstration Test)

Module 4 requires you to answer a set of ‘Show Me, Tell Me,’ questions. It will last for approximately 30 minutes and you must achieve at least 80% in order to successfully pass the module.

A DVA examiner will assess your knowledge in your response to these questions, they may be related to pre-use checks, passenger safety, vehicle maintenance, etc. During the PCV training, our instructors will show you how to demonstrate your knowledge when responding to these questions.

Test fee available upon request.

D1 licence training course cost

The cost of the D1 licence training course may vary depending on your current licence entitlement, and whether or not you plan on using your licence for hire and reward. We do not recommend using an HGV/PCV training broker to book your tests as this can become costly and is unnecessary. 

We recommend getting in contact with The Academy team for an accurate quote as this will ensure that you are selecting the correct option and able to make full use of your D1 licence.

Obtain your D1 licence

The Academy is one of the largest providers of PCV training in Northern Ireland and all of our courses are designed with a local focus. With us, you can expect to receive expert guidance from a fully qualified and supportive team of driving instructors, helping you to obtain a D1 licence and upskill your driving ability.

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