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Forklift Training With The Academy

The Academy is a distinguished provider of forklift training courses in Northern Ireland. As one of the largest suppliers of forklift training, we are committed to delivering comprehensive programs that are tailored to meet the specific needs of trainees.

Our seasoned instructors deliver practical expertise and hands-on guidance to ensure a thorough understanding of safety protocols, equipment maintenance, and efficient logistics management.

At The Academy, we don’t just train forklift operators; we mould adept professionals who are poised to drive operational excellence and ensure a safer, more productive working environment.

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Forklift Training Courses

In the world of material handling and logistics, proficient forklift operation is pivotal for ensuring seamless workflow and upholding stringent safety standards. Our courses cover a range of forklift models and trainee requirements, check out the details below.

A counterbalance forklift is the most common type of forklift used. As the name suggests, it has a weighted rear that helps offset the load that is being transported. This type of forklift is mostly used for carrying heavy loads within a warehouse, construction site or production floor.

The lifting mechanism is performed by two prongs on the front of the vehicle, training participants will be shown how to operate the forks in a safe and controlled manner. Some counterbalance forklifts operate with manual mechanics or via an automated system, participants will be shown how to operate both.

A reach forklift is capable of transporting goods both vertically and horizontally. It is quite narrow in size, compared to other models like the counterbalance forklift, and it requires the operator to stand whilst operating the vehicle.

This type of forklift also has a long vertical boom arm, which gives operators additional reach capabilities compared to other models. The training course will ensure that participants know how to correctly calculate loads for the forklift’s maximum weight capacity.

Our Forklift Refresher Course is tailored for individuals who already possess basic forklift operating skills. These courses aim to update your existing knowledge, introduce you to the latest industry standards, and fine-tune your operational skills to ensure optimum safety and efficiency on the floor.

Why Choose The Academy For Forklift Training?

The Academy is one of the largest providers of Forklift Training Courses in Northern Ireland. We have helped many of our trainees get their forklift licence and excel within the logistics and warehousing industry. Check out why we are NI’s trusted provider of Forklift Training below.

Our training emphasises hands-on practical engagement, ensuring that every participant is well-equipped and thoroughly prepared to secure their forklift licence. Our training sets a standard of excellence, ensuring that you or your team are adeptly skilled for the operational demands ahead.

For individuals, securing a forklift licence not only broadens the horizon of employment prospects but also elevates your expertise, moulding you into a proficient operator. At The Academy, we are dedicated to helping individuals excel and enhance their forklift operating cababiliess.

We also offer forklift training courses to business customers. Businesses stand to gain significantly by having skilled forklift operators on board; it’s a direct ticket to boosting workplace efficiency and enhancing productivity in goods handling operations.

What Does Forklift Training Look Like?

Our Forklift Training will be adapted depending on the specific model you are training with, but in general you can expect to learn the following skills and techniques from your Forklift training Course.

This is a major part of the forklift training, participants need to know the exact maximum loads that their forklift is capable of lifting and they need to know how to calculate loads before loading them onto their forklift. This prevents the vehicle from toppling over, which could impact worker safety and potentially damage the goods being transported.

Participants will also receive training on how to properly secure a load with the appropriate belts. This portion of the training is imperative to ensure that the loads are secured in place, preventing items from falling off when in transportation.

Participants will also receive training on spacial awareness of forklift operations. They will know how to check for blindspots and how to manoeuvre the vehicle when a load is potentially blocking their full view. Again this is important for worker safety and for ensuring the risk of damaged goods is minimised.

This is another important aspect of forklift training, participants should be able to perform a hazard perception on a continuous basis when operating a forklift. This is particularly important in production floors or warehouses, where there is heavy machinery present and lots of activity taking place.

Participants will be able to quickly identify potential hazards, such as spilt liquids, hazardous objects, fallen debris, etc. They will know how to appropriately deal with and report such hazards, increasing the safety of the workplace and protecting employees from potential harm.

The forklift training will also cover essential forklift maintenance. This ensures the longevity of the equipment and that operators are able to identify signs of damage which could impact the safety of the vehicle.

Training participants will be made aware of the forklift maintenance requirements, i.e.) ensuring sufficient oil and fuel levels, completing tyre checks, and ensuring that the brakes are in functional order.

Training participants will be shown skilful techniques for manoeuvring a forklift, which is particularly important for ensuring that the goods are being transported in a safe and responsible manner.

Our instructors will provide training on various workplace scenarios, such as reversing around a corner when carrying a load or when trying to manoeuvre around tight spaces and narrow aisles.

How Long is a Forklift Training Course?

A Forklift Training Course typically lasts around 3 days. A refresher course however, is typically completed within a half day.

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Get in contact with The Academy to arrange forklift training from the leading provider in Northern Ireland. We provide industry-leading courses, led by our team of experienced and knowledgeable instructors.

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