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LGV Training for a C1 + E Licence (Van and Trailer)

The Academy delivers industry-leading LGV training solutions throughout Northern Ireland, in fact, we are the biggest provider in NI for these types of driving courses. We can help you make sense of the application process and master the standard of driving that is expected in the C1 + E licence examination. 

With a team of fully-qualified and experienced driving instructors, you will receive the best support available in the journey to obtaining your C1 + E licence. Thousands of drivers have passed through our doors and we have helped them obtain their desired driving licence with supported practical learning and expert guidance. 

We set the benchmark for what is expected from driver training solutions in Northern Ireland.

Why choose the Academy for LGV training?

The Academy is the only National Register of LGV Instructors (NRI) Examination Centre in Northern Ireland. Our instructors, who are all fully qualified, must successfully complete independent exams prior to their official induction into the National Register of LGV Instructors.

The Academy strives to provide you with an LGV training course that has been tailored to your individual needs. Our driving instructors will ensure that you are best prepared with the relevant skills and knowledge in order to demonstrate your driving ability and obtain a C1 + E licence, upon successful completion of the practical exam.

LGV training for the public and private sector

The Academy is able to deliver tailored LGV driver training courses for both the public and the private sector. This ensures that you receive the best return on investment with a training solution that meets your requirements. 

Whether you’re expanding your current driving ability for better job opportunities, or seeking to develop the skills of your employees as your business grows – we provide expert guidance and support to candidates in obtaining the appropriate licence category.

What is the C1 + E licence entitlement?

A C1 + E licence allows a driver to operate a van with an attached trailer. 

This licence allows the driver to operate a small goods vehicle with a gross weight of up to 7.5 tonnes with an attached trailer of over 750kg authorised mass – provided that the MAM weight (van and trailer) does not exceed 12,000kg.

Age restrictions

Drivers aged 18-21 are required to take a subcategory C1E test. This caps their total MAM weight to 7500 kgs (van and trailer combined) until they reach 21 years when the total weight of 12000 kgs will be automatically applied to their licence.

Drivers aged over 45, must reapply for the C1 + E licence every 5 years, which requires an updated medical examination to ensure that the licence remains valid.

The Academy will ensure that candidates are applying for the licence that they are entitled to and that they understand the legal requirements that are pertinent to this type of licence. With us, you will receive support from industry-leading specialists in driver LGV training.

Why consider obtaining a C1 + E licence?

A C1 + E licence ensures that you can get the most out of your existing C1 licence. Those who work within the logistics and transportation sector will benefit from having the ability to use the trailer for moving goods and developing your career as a skilled driver.

How to obtain a C1 + E Licence?

In order to obtain the C1 + E licence, you must first hold an existing C1 licence. If you don’t hold this type of licence, visit our C1 licence page for more information.

If you have a current C1 licence, you don’t need to apply for a provisional C1 + E licence as your current C1 licence will automatically grant you a provisional entitlement. You also don’t need to undertake any medicals or theory tests, you only need to pass a practical driving examination for a small goods van, with an attached trailer.

What will the examination involve?

The examination for obtaining a C1 + E licence involves a practical driving test with a DVA examiner. You will need to demonstrate a sound level of driving ability and answer some verbal questions to demonstrate your knowledge.

The Academy will provide expert knowledge and support to prepare candidates for their upcoming C1 + E driving exam. We will cover a variety of scenarios and ensure that the knowledge learnt can be applied in a practical setting.

Attaching the trailer

The candidate will be required to show the examiner how to uncouple and recouple the attached trailer, ensuring it is securely fastened and unable to come loose during transportation. 

Securing goods

Candidates will demonstrate their ability to safely secure goods to the trailer, ensuring minimal movement when they are in transition and reducing the likelihood of cargo becoming loose.

Managing speeds

Candidates will also need to demonstrate their ability to safely manage their vehicle’s speed with an attached trailer, to ensure optimal safety whilst in transportation.

Driving skills

The candidate will also need to demonstrate that their driving skills are up to the driving test standard. This includes exceptional hazard perception, speed control, adhering to road regulations, etc. 

The driving instructors will ensure that you feel confident in performing all aspects of this examination, focusing on the areas that you may need more guidance with and supporting you as you master these skills. 

C1 + E Licence Course Cost

The C1E licence cost is available on request.  

It includes a 2-day driver training course with a practical test arranged for the end of the second day. We believe that this is the best approach as the new information and skills learnt are still fresh in your mind, preparing you with the best possible chance to successfully complete the examination. 

We do not recommend using an HGV/PCV training broker to book your tests as this can be a costly and unnecessary option. The Academy is located in Northern Ireland and all of our training has a local focus.

Obtain your C1 + E licence

Get in touch with us at The Academy and reserve your place for driving training to obtain a C1 + E licence. We welcome both individuals and businesses to this course, providing flexible solutions that will meet your needs. 

The Academy is the largest provider of driver training solutions across NI. We strive to provide an excellent service that prepares you for success. If you’re unsure of what driver training you may require, don’t hesitate to reach out and we can help you with honest advice and expert guidance.

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